When we started Mum’s Kitchen two and half decades ago, we never expected to reach our present status. We have a wide range of authentic Goan dishes from both Hindu and Catholic homes. These recipes are curated to every specification of colour, texture and taste. The dishes from these have made their way onto our menu. It has been an arduous task but the work of bringing back the “lost” food of Goa has indeed been both a satisfying and fulfilling journey. Our present staff such as Akshara, Frenzina, Vilas to name only a few are most precious to us especially as none of them have come from a culinary educational background.

Our approach at work is to encourage women as much as possible. We employ mothers from different villages. They are also our stakeholders. They often cook better than trained professionals. They kept motivating us to move ahead. Our principal inspiration has been Rony’s mother, Olga Aires Fernandes e Martins, who has left us an invaluable legacy through the way she chose spices and cooked delicious food for her family. We thank all those families who have given encouragement to our employees in their dedication to Mum’s Kitchen. For many of them, this has been their first and last job. We salute our vendors who are doing such a commendable job, given the fact that we are fussy in observing stringent quality standards, and rejecting produce that do not conform to these.

Finally we have to say “Obrigado”, “Gracias”, ”Merci”, ”Gracie”, ”Arigato”, ”Do Jen”“Danke Schön“, “Shukran”, Thank You and finally “Dev Bare Karu”, to all our well-wishers and guests from across the world. Ours is a small place - with only ten tables. We are grateful to all of you, without whom this would not have been possible. Hoping to see you sooner than later, some day.

Maria Suzette