We learnt our early lessons directly from Olga Aires, through her dedication to her home and the food she lovingly prepared. She handpicked every ingredient from the local community markets and went in search of small vendors, who gathered at a common place to sell their daily produce. All those raw materials came from the cultivation of their own fields. The catch of fish from the sea was brought in daily by men from small fishing hamlets who mended their nets themselves and lived most sustainably. The seafood was carefully selected for its freshness. For many years, this task of selecting the fresh early morning catch for Mum’s Kitchen was lovingly done by our father, Antonio Tulemino Martins, who also taught us invaluable lessons on discipline, family values and generosity. Olga Aires always thought ahead responsibly and contributed her love for the sustainability of the planet. Her ingenuity is still alive with us, through the Ethnic Cuisine Movement in Goa. This place is dedicated to the legacy of Goan cuisine as left behind by our very own loving mother, Olga Aires, for Rony Floriano and Maria Suzette - joint founders of Mum’s Kitchen.